Irrigation Pump Station CAD Drawings & Specifications


Pressure Boosting

Pressure boosting pumps add pressure to an already pressurized source. The pressure into the pump station may come from a pressurized pipeline or an elevated water source, such as a water tower or elevated reservoir. The booster pump system simply adds additional pressure to the original source in order to provide required pressure to the end use.

Vertical Turbine

Commonly used in large irrigation applications, can also be used in Municipal, Industrial, and Water Treatment applications. Prefiltration is required to prevent larger debris from entering the wet well.

Submersible Turbine

Submersible turbine pumps work much like vertical turbine pumps – they’re comprised of multiple stages of impellers and diffuser bowls, with each stage incrementally increasing pressure. The difference is that their motors are close-coupled to the pump, submerged underwater in a water-tight casing. This avoids problems associated with having a longer drive shaft. Used to lift water from deep wells and underground storage tanks, submersible turbine pumps can be configured to deliver wide performance ranges.

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